Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximum their personal and professional potential.
Consulting is when a person who is considered an expert works with a business in a particular area.
Coaching is for anyone who is motivated to achieve their goals faster and easier than they would if they were working alone. From professionals struggling to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, to individuals dealing with times of transition, or for anyone wanting to answer the age old question “ Why am I here?” Coaching is for everyone!
I offer a 30-minute free trial discovery session. During this time we will discuss your goals, views, needs, dreams, perceived obstacles and how I can be of assistance to you. You will immediately start feeling the effect of my coaching. This will also allow you to experience my coaching style and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Our sessions are not just 50 minutes of passive dialogue; they are an interactive, dynamic exchange of information and ideas oriented toward a common goal- your success! Sessions will include:

  • Thought provoking heart work activities
  • Goal oriented action plans
  • Hand picked resources
  • Tools provided during and in between sessions for continued support and accountability.
  • Our coaching sessions are 50 minutes long. I hold these via telephone, Zoom (audio) Face Time (audio), and my clients normally like one session every other week. This is not essential; it’s completely up to you how often you’d like to spread out your package.

    The sessions require focus, free of any distractions, and therefore I suggest that you find the proper time and space to allow for privacy with no interruptions.

    I also offer face-to-face coaching for all my Corporate clients in the Greater Los Angeles area.

    Though I do meet clients for sessions at physical locations if possible and needed, it can be more beneficial for both the client and the coach to work remotely. Some of the advantages are:

    • The ease of arranging a phone or Zoom call rather than meeting at a physical location.
    • The convenience for the client who has a busy schedule and prefers to talk from home, work, or other.
    • More cost affective as there is no need for you to travel to me or me to you
    • Makes booking more flexible
    • Clients that travel or have very busy schedules don’t want to miss a session.
    • Time Zone is not an issue therefore I am able to work with my clients wherever they are in the world.