Working with Kaleah was a wonderful experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with me throughout the entire process making me feel both comfortable and empowered. If you are looking to tap into your full potential and define what your life purpose is, I give Kaleah 5 stars!


Working with Kaleah has been far more rewarding, empowering, and enlightening than I could have ever imagined. She helped me produce a life on purpose, and more importantly a life I love

Kristine Keenan 

I am delighted to be working with Kaleah as my life coach. I first met Kaleah when I began teaching at a school where she was head of Human Resources. As well as being a consummate professional, Kaleah demonstrated great compassion and understanding toward all employees. I began to visit her office and became increasingly impressed by her knowledge, life experience, and concern for my well being. When I found out Kaleah had transitioned from HR to becoming a life coach, I contacted her immediately. Kaleah has already assisted me in setting life goals and in establishing the means to achieve them. I highly recommend Kaleah to anyone who feels the need to get "unstuck" and to move on to a more satisfying life. Thank you, Kaleah, for all you have done and continue to do.


I most definitely recommend Kaleah as a coach! I have wanted a coach for a while because I know the great benefits of having a coach to get past obstacles to achieve your goals. While working with Kaleah, she helped me to identify how my thinking was getting in the way of my own contentment. There are things she taught me that I repeat to myself to this day! She really asked the thought provoking questions that helped me to clarify what I really want in my life. Kaleah also has such an easygoing yet straightforward personality that I felt comfortable opening up. I am so grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Kaleah. I am definitely sticking more to a routine to help me to manifest my true desires.